Sandra Milliken is an internationally-acclaimed Australian choral music composer and arranger, with her own series Choral Vivace published by Edition Peters, London. Her other compositions and arrangements are published through Sulasol (Helsinki), Gehrmans Musikförlag (Stockholm) and Sheet Music Press (Berkeley, CA).

As well as choral music, Sandra also composes and arranges instrumental and vocal music.

The Journey to Choral Music Composing

Like many students studying Music at secondary school and university, I had, on various occasions, tried my hand at composing small snippets of instrumental and vocal music. But I had never given it serious consideration as a career path.

I was fortunate to be a very proficient pianist and I enjoyed concert and eisteddfod performances, teaching the instrument to young players, and accompanying instrumentalists and singers. Accompanying became my forté and so, when I was offered the position of accompanist with the highly-accaimed Cairns Choral Society, I readily agreed to take on the position. Apart from accompanying, my time with the Society provided me with opportunities to conduct small ensembles and also the whole choir (at one eisteddfod). I also directed a number of their musical theatre productions.

And so I settled into a routine of teaching, accompanying and conducting along with adjudicating eisteddfodau and leading workshops for conductors and choirs.

What then happened to lead me down the path to becoming a serious composer? It happened like this ….

I had been travelling for three months on a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, visiting renowned conductors and choral pedagogues in England, Finland, Sweden, USA and Canada. Towards the end of my travels, I had spent some time with the Peninsula Women’s Chorus in San Francisco prior to attending the AmericaFest Women’s Choral Festival in Seattle. All the wonderful people, places, events and choral music I had experienced had come to a head, culminating in my own musical re-awakening.

I was on an Alaskan Airlines flight from Seattle to Los Angeles on my way home to Australia. My inflight snack tray was put in front of me and there, on the tray, was a small card carrying the following bible verse: “I will praise God’s name, and glorify Him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30. I looked out the window and, spread before me, was a field of clouds beautifully lit by the rays of the setting sun. Suddenly, musical ideas triggered by the view and the text sprang to mind. I quickly borrowed a pen from my husband and wrote the basic outline of a new composition on my paper serviette. My first serious composition, Fanfare of Praise, was born!

This single event was the catalyst for my subsequent urge to continue composing. There was, suddenly, inside me, so much music just waiting to be released.

And so I now find myself recognised internationally as an Australian female choral music composer. Whilst I still take much inspiration from the music I heard in Europe (especially Finland), as an Australian composer my compositions have a strong Australian influence that reflects my interests in indigenous languages, our unique flora and fauna, and texts by contemporary Australian writers. My works are performed by choirs in Scandinavia, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, south-east Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Many have included selections from my repertoire in their CD recordings.

Recent Compositions and Arrangements

Here are some of my most recent compositions/arrangements. You can view the full set by going to the Catalogues tab in the main menu (above).

Sandra Milliken - Australian Composer


I heard “The Dawn Wind” for the first time tonight. Although I expected it to sound great, I was not quite prepared for the intensity of imagination and inspiration propelling the flow of musical ideas. I felt enraptured by each magical moment that came and went. What a truly unique masterpiece!

Kelly Tang, Composer and Dean of Arts at School Of The Arts (SOTA), Singapore.
Sandra is a most interesting and creative composer whose skills as pianist and choral conductor are clearly apparent in her lovely and inspiring songs. Her music will continue to be a delight to choirs around the world.
Gary Graden, Director of Choral Music - Stockholm Cathedral and St Jacob's Church, Stockholm
Sandra’s music is composed with the sound of expressive voices in mind – it’s alive with spirit and soul, making it a pleasure to explore.
Emily Cox, Director - Canticum Chamber Choir and Brisbane Chorale
The songs included in the anthology “Death of a Giant – Seven settings of Australian poetry” are fabulous. The beautiful texts are set with great artistry and a very real sense of the singer’s art.
Jason Barry-Smith, Creative Director - Open Stage, Opera Queensland.
I must tell you that my choir received a special award for Best Performance of a piece written after 1990 at the choral competition in Celje, Slovenia. We performed your “Missa Piccola”. Thank you for writing such beautiful music.
Yana Deliredeva, Conductor - The Detska Kitka Choir, Bulgaria
“Sing, Sing for Water” – my choir LOVES it. A few kids came into rehearsal early yesterday and one of the girls sat down and started playing the piano then they all started joining in and singing their parts. I walked in and there was a rehearsal going on! That never happens! Thanks for a great song.
Ted Gibson, Gilbert Classical Academy, Phoenix, Arizona