In addition to working as a choral music composer/arranger, choir conductor, adjudicator and music educator, Sandra Milliken continues to work as a music teacher specialising in singing and piano. She established the Sandra Milliken Music Studio in the Brisbane north-side suburb of Upper Kedron in the 1980s.

Sandra Milliken Music Studio

Through my studio, I offer professional tuition in:

  • singing, piano, theory and musicianship;
  • examination preparation, up to diploma standard; and
  • preparation for eisteddfod and competition work.

Over the years my studio has enjoyed a high success rate amongst examination and eisteddfod candidates, with high distinctions awarded in Theory/Musicianship and honours awarded in practical examinations including successful upper grade and diploma candidates.

The studio offers comprehensive tuition in practical, theoretical and aural aspects of music. There is an emphasis on providing a positive learning experience and developing the individual student’s potential to the maximum. All this takes place within a musically active performance environment.

Students are prepared for examinations through the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB). Tuition fees are set according to the standard recommended by the Queensland Music Teachers Association (QMTA).

Students need to make a firm commitment to music lessons in order to fully realise their musical potential and to recognise the value of learning music. Students who study voice and/or a musical instrument:–

  • learn responsibility and discipline;
  • gain pride in their accomplishments, which in turn makes them confident;
  • learn to think in a logical manner; and
  • perform better in school.

If you would like further information, or you would like to enquire about taking lessons, please contact me.

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