New Releases for Autumn 2020

New Release Choral Music Arrangements for Autumn 2020 In the Southern Hemisphere, the month of March marks the beginning of Autumn - the season of cooler weather and falling leaves. In the lead-up to Autumn, through the on-going drought, the devestating bushfires and the welcome flooding rains of February (contrasts so typical of the Australian [...]

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Christmas in Australia – six new arrangements

Especially for Australian choirs and solo singers, here are six hot-off-the-press arrangements of Christmas in Australia – the theme song from the made-for-TV movie Blinky Bill's White Christmas. I first heard this great little piece of Australiana back in 2005 when the movie first aired on the Seven Network. It then surfaced again in 2007 when [...]

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The Coventry Shepherds’ Carol – a new arrangement

I am sure that most choir directors who have ensembles performing Christmas songs and carols over the festive season would be aware of the Coventry Carol (sometimes referred to as Lully, Lullay). The carol refers to the 'massacre of the innocents' which took place when King Herod ordered his soldiers to slay all male children in [...]

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New Christmas Music for Choirs

When it comes time to decide on the Christmas music repertoire for my choirs for the coming festive season, I always like to include one or two new compositions or arrangements along with the 'old favourites'. The old favourites allow for a focus on preserving the traditions of the season; on presenting audiences with pieces that [...]

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The Asia Pacific Choral Summit Hong Kong 2019

I was recently honoured and privileged to be invited to attend the Asia Pacific Choral Summit in Hong Kong 2019 as a presenter and adjudicator. This event, held from 21 to 24 July 2019, was an initiative of the Hong Kong Children's Choir, organised as part of celebrations to mark this famous choir's 50th anniversary. [...]

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The Diamantina Drover – an Aussie icon

The Diamantina Drover is the fourth in my new series of Australian folk songs arranged for choir. Whilst not a true folk song, it is written in a folk-like style and tells the story of a drover - a theme common to a good number of Australian bush songs. Written by Australian singer-songwriter Hugh McDonald [...]

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Moreton Bay – an emotive folk ballad for TBB choirs

Moreton Bay is the third in my new series of Australian bush songs arranged for choir. It is sometimes referred to as The Convict's Lament. This emotive Australian folk ballad, which tells of the hardships experienced by a convict at the Moreton Bay penal settlement, is arranged for TBB choir with piano accompaniment. The story of Moreton Bay The [...]

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The Old Palmer Song – a rollocking good sing for choirs

The Old Palmer Song is the second in my new series of Australian bush songs arranged for choir. This arrangement is available for SATB choir, with piano accompaniment and an optional flute part. The story behind The Old Palmer Song Following hard on the heels of the great California gold rushes (1848 – 1855) came [...]

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Brisbane Ladies – an Australian Bush Song for Choir

Brisbane Ladies is the first in my new series of Australian bush songs arranged for choir. This arrangement is available in two voicings - SATB and TTBB - with piano accompaniment. The story of Brisbane Ladies Sometimes known as Augathella Station, Brisbane Ladies is based on an English naval song titled Spanish Ladies. The song [...]

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Four Australian Bush Songs for Choir

Australian bush songs encapsulate the pioneering spirit that built Australia. But whilst they have been popular over many years with bush bands and solo singers, not at lot have been arranged for choirs. So here are new choral arrangements of four of my favourites. Our bush heritage Australia's bush (folk) songs tell stories about the [...]

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