Project Description

Laulu rakkaudesta (Song for Love) is a romantic love song commissioned in 2004 by Rita Varonen and Cantinovum Chamber Choir. The text is by Jaakko Juteini (1781-1855), a Finnish nationalist writer of poems, plays, prose, scientific articles, proverbs and jokes.

The poem translates as follows:

Song for Love

Life is bliss when you’re together;
loving bosom
arousing joy
as friends walk hand in hand.

Thus its creatures nature brings together
the flying bird,
the dashing darling
quickly finds its partner on the birch branch.

A sweet place for love is the land of Finland;
snow, ice and frost,
even January’s cold
cannot chill true friendship.

When we’re joined with a partner in love,
even the snow is warm,
and there’s joy in weeping
as we love, under the North Star.

(Translation by Björe Vähämäki)