Project Description

I began writing my Missa brevis in December 2000. At this time I was experiencing self-doubts about the seriousness of becoming a composer, but nevertheless I continued writing, guided by the inspiration of the choral works of Bardos, which were presented at a Kodaly Summer School I attended in late 2001. Over the next two years I revisited this SSA divisi work to eventually have it published as a work in four movements – Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.

In 2010, a Benedictus was added for the newly revised version published by Edition Peters as part of the Choral Vivace series. It was an interesting exercise to see if I could reconnect with the original material to compose another movement containing the same creative processes and harmonic language!

With its changing textures and harmonies, Missa brevis is a piece for choirs who are not afraid of a challenge!

Score sample - Missa brevis

Score sample