Project Description

Music Comes was the commissioned set piece for the Singapore Youth Music Festival 2012 Central Judging of Choirs (Primary Schools). It therefore needed to include competition elements suitable for young singers to understand and perform with artistry. The text had great appeal to me, with colourful contrasts and comparisons to the instrumental likeness of nature’s sounds.

The setting itself begins in a dreamy, half asleep mood with harp-like piano chords merging into a distinct ritmico section where the ancient airs eventually become jarring drums as the sleeper is disturbed. New sounds awaken the senses – solemn music, a bird or was it the wind? There is an abundance of scope within the piece for exploring its articulation and dynamic/tonal colour.

This is a great competition piece!

[Today] I heard your new composition “Music Comes”, Sandra. Its charm is exquisitely melting”.
Kelly Tang, Composer and Dean, Arts & Special Projects, School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore
Score Sample - Music comes

Score sample