Project Description

The words for Noël nouvelet first appeared around the time of Columbus’ 1492 voyage to the Americas. The word “nouvelet” doesn’t exist any more, but it is related to the modern French word “nouvel” meaning “new”. So the title proclaims a new Christmas song in honour of the newborn King.

This rhythmically buoyant a cappella arrangement for male choir captures the exuberance of the Christmas spirit, proclaiming the good news of the birth of the newborn King. An introductory section is skilfully used as interlude and modulatory material, with the contrasting textures and harmonic colours bringing a new flavour to this traditional 15th century seasonal favourite.

It may be sung either in the original French or  with French chorus and English verses.

Noël Nouvelet – Pg 1

Noël Nouvelet – Pg 2