Project Description

Sing, sing for water was written in 2005 for The Queensland Youth Choir to perform at Brisbane’s annual Riverfestival. In that year, the festival incorporated the first Australian Sing for Water event. Sing for Water was founded in London and came to Australia when its founder, Catherine Reiser, relocated to this country. The purpose of the event was to raise funds, through singing, for the establishment and maintenance of water projects in lesser developed countries around the world.

The Brisbane Sing for Water event included the formation of a massed choir to perform at the main evening concert and Sing. sing for water was selected as the signature piece for this concert. It was also used, as performed by the Queensland Youth Choir, to produce the television commercials for Riverfestival.

The text is a paraphrase of Psalm 65 verses 9 to 13.

“Sing, Sing for Water” – my choir LOVES it. A few kids came into rehearsal early yesterday and one of the girls sat down and started playing the piano then they all started joining in and singing their parts. I walked in and there was a rehearsal going on! That never happens! Thanks for a great song.
Ted Gibson, Gilbert Classical Academy, Phoenix, Arizona
Score Sample - Sing, sing for water (SSA)

Score sample