Project Description

Upper Voices Anthology 2 is a collection of seven pieces for upper voices. Rated ‘Intermediate/advanced’, they have been selected from amongst the most popular titles in the Choral Vivace series.

This anthology, along with its three companion anthologies, represents a new and cost-effective way for choirs to purchase a graded selection of popular titles for inclusion in their repertoire.

The included titles are:

Clicking on any of the titles will take you to a page that provides more detail about the selected piece.

Each of the titles in the anthology is also available for separate purchase.

Sample score - Anthem Anthem

Sample score - Snowflakes Snowflakes
Score sample - Bus Ride Bus Ride

Score sample - Tango in 5 Tango in 5
Score sample - Laudate eum omnes stellae luminis Laudate eum omnes stellae luminis
Score sample - Music Comes Music Comes

Score sample - Laudate eum solo et luna Laudate eum solo et luna